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Some-of-my-media-from-1988-there V368

The Zipett Magazine launch is expected during the 4th Quarter this year.

rob tidy (, who is currently assemblying the upscale fashion publication with his Co Founder Peter Trainer, said: "The founding idea for this business concerned curating a quarterly offering that inspired and entertained. Spearhead fashion and style pictorials meets modern relevant editorial features. Today it's everything about traversing the noise of plenties of generic and sub-par online content. With the pending launch of Zipett in both the stunning glossy physical edition coupled with the free digital edition, I believe that we can achieve just that."

Confidently major technology partners, Zipett has been quietly developing the best secure social media and eCommerce platform over the last few years, around which they plan to unveil in 2015. So watch this space.

He said Zipett is focused on "sophisticated women and man about towns" and claimed the magazine was unique because there is one global edition quarterly-- we have created a magazine which people will keep on their coffee tables for months; packed with the excellent quality images, fashion, art, health and well being and culture.

Publisher Robert Tidy says: "Fashion weighes that print accomplishes this, so well. It's trusted and readers have an emotional connection to something they can keep. They love print."

" I spend a good deal of time with my kids. A few months ago I was horrified to find my 8 Years old daughter chatting to someone on social media sites that she believed becoming the star Selena Gomez, or even sharing pictures. As a parent, I suspended it immediately, but the reality runs social networks has no effective controls. We are not suggesting over-the-top censorship, but the current model is not safe anymore, and there are a countless fake people, confidence man, scammers and people not only attempting to rip people off but making a career away from compromising your online security."

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He said the launch is significant because Zipett is not a traditional publisher. Zipett's long-term goals concern extending into the global world of social networks and online ecommerce.

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Multi photographer, and contributing photographer and Co Founder Peter Trainer described it as "par excellence exciting launch of an Australian fashion magazine for several years".

" My goal as we move into the digital age is to provide social content services that are more secure and trustworthy than what's currently offered at the other publishers. Let's admit it, people use the web to connect, discuss, share and merchandise nigh anything at presents." Tidy says "Online scams, ID scammers, and plastic money fraud scams pullulate on easily the most popular platforms. People need a better solution." a division of 27 Industries Pty Ltd Publishing founder Robert Tidy with his Advertising Executive Jacqui Haebick unveiled Zipett Magazine at some of its Studios in Noosa on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia, before flying overseas to have distributors of its magazine, in a move that plans to see an estimated 100,000 copies distributed worldwide four times a year.

The glossy print edition and digital version of Zipett will be premium priced and will be available globally via its website The digital version will also be available via a FREE Zipett smartphone/tablet app on popular apple appstore and google play platforms, and the lifetime subscription will be rid to all its early subscribers.