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Holy Paladin

Post by Icy » Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:50 pm

1. Name, age, country and Battle tag.
Adrian call me Icy, 20, Sweden, adrian#24297

2. Link to armory (please log out in gear you will raid in).
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/t ... ess/simple

3. Artifact level?

4. What are our raiding times, and do they suit you?
wed,sun,mon 19:15-23, good raid times, will rarely miss any raid

5. What loosystem do we use? (This is meant to see that you have read our rules)
Loot council with Kushuu, Skapnom, Gwyn

6. What guilds you were in and reasons for leaving? (short description)
I was in a 4/10 guild on Outland called Elycium, the reason I left was because many of the core members went casual therefore we didnt have a big enough roster to keep raiding mythic. That led to more people leaving and I decided to go horde and server transfer and I'm now looking for a new guild.

7. Logs of your past raids
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/c ... metric=hps
My numbers aren't great but my cds were rarely used for important situations

8. Screenshot of your UI (in a raiding situation)

9. What are the sites you use to keep up to date on your specc/class?
No sites, I use the class and healing discord. I also talk to Kina from Method about our class when new patches come.

10. Info about alts (if any)
I have a 903 equipped Mistweaver with 54 traits that I'll transfer soon tm. If you decide to split raid, I'm all for it.
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/o ... ell/simple

11. How did you hear about our guild, what made you apply?
I saw you in trade chat looking for a healer. I can fill that void for you and help you progress thorugh the rest of NH.

12. Describe the hardest PVE boss you killed (ever) - how long did your guild work on it, what was hard, what was good about the fight etc..
I'm a new raider, I have only raided in Legion. The hardest boss for my guild was Krosus. We didnt have a Holy Paladin so I rerolled, our raid was melee heavy and people that didn't care about mechanics. Nothing about this fight was hard but the guild I did it with found it really difficult. I think it took 140 wipes for us.. Too many but I think it shows my will to never give up and that I'll do anything to progress, including rerolling.

13. Anything else that could convince us that you are a good addition to our raids.
I improve after every pull. I understand new strategies and can easily follow them. Even though, I have only killed 4 bosses I know the strategies for the next 3. The last 3 I haven't looked into too much but I know the basics for them. I don't miss raids, I've missed 2 since Legion launch.

14. Your plans for the next 6 months - will you be AFK on vacation or take a break from raiding?
I'll go to university in September, thats about it. That doesn't mean I'll stop raiding though.

15. Do you know anyone in the guild?
No, unfortunately

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Re: Holy Paladin

Post by Immanis » Tue Mar 21, 2017 2:38 pm

Hej there Icy, thank your for your application!

I'll go over some of your logs (not necessarily looking at raw HPS as you believe your numbers to be lower than they should be because of non-optimal raid CD usage.) As I only play my pally as an alt, I'll let our main pallies Whoop and Verserad contribute to the discussion as well :-)

Let's have a look at your best Krosus parse (I believe the first 3 bosses to be fairly uninteresting from a healing perspective).

-You played with Crusader's Might over Bestow Faith, what is your reasoning for that talent choice?
-Your CPM seems to be on the lower end compared to other paladins on this encounter (~34 vs an average of ~40-41) indicating that you are not always casting (in particular during movement, you have 0 LotM casts?)
-You have a very FoL heavy playstyle, leaving you with less mana to play with, in particular considering your below average CPM.
-You missed out on a lot of Judgement and Holy Shock casts.
-You missed out on a couple of Light of Dawn casts.
-You missed out on at least 1 Tyr's Deliverance (&you didn't sync it up with Aura Mastery).
-You missed out on at least 2 Holy Avenger and 1 Avenging Wrath uses.
-You didn't use your AM properly (not talking about when you used it as this is probably due to CD assignements): You don't pre-judge for your legendary ring (in fact, you used Judgement as the 5th GCD into your AM..?), you didn't align Tyr's Deliverance with it.
In an optimal situation, what would your exact preparation/cast rotation for Aura Mastery (sacrifice) be?
-You didn't use Arcane Torrent a single time during the encounter! (You are aware it restores 3% mana on use, right?) Missing out on a potential 12% mana.

How do you prepare for an encounter? Do you look at logs during progress or after you killed a boss to see where you can improve?

As I mentioned earlier, i'll let the discussion open for our expert pallies ;D


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