Ilirogue application as Rogue Meele DD

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Ilirogue application as Rogue Meele DD

Post by Ilirogue » Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:38 pm

Hy Aluren Guys,

Here are the Short informations you wanted:

1. My Name is Robin. Im from Germany and im 23y old/young My Btag: Ili#2613

2. ... r/ilirogue

3. 52 ( came back 2 weeks ago after 4 month break) soo looking forward to push this more.

4. at the moment i can raid as much as i would like to, since i look forward for a second apprenticeship, or a new job. When i have a job again, i still will be able to make it to the raids

5. Rc Loot Council, you just can look that up again in the time you write the application

6. I litteraly would write a little roman about that but i`ll give it a try :
I started on allaince 2 years ago (with Progress raiding, before was just casual and alot of game breaks), i ended up in hfc by #298 world Levitate-Aegwynn. We gave out best to push further in EN and ToV, but disbaned in tov progress. I wanted to go 7/7 raid guild after that which not realy worked in my favor, Personal stuff came up and i played like shit. 1 week in Progress the guild disbaned ( because the raid lead took a break with no explaination to the raid). We then decided to make it to our own guild, so we made a new one "Illusion", which also disbaned after 3 weeks, because we couldnt find new people.

7. since alot of server swaps and stuff, this are my only once that are shit :)

8. Screenshot of your UI (in a raiding situation)=

9. The Stjern Rogue Guide and the IcyVeins Guide, i also try to improve my interface with weakauras and sometimes look in the rogue discord, what kind of new dicussions are up. Aswell i try to simulate with simcraft, as soon a new update from this shit comes up...

10. Dh which i dont even play anymore, kinda. The once i play is a heal shaman on alliance which has no gear at all.
Shaman = ... c3%bcrzwei 50traits
Dh = ... id%c3%a1an i think 40ish,

11. i jsut found your guild by looking in wowprogress, whos looking for a rogue and your site looked the best for me, expacially the raid times.

12. since i only killed one Boss, Which was Archimonde, y This fight was tought, 300 wipes with alot of pain by mistakes. But at some point the people stepped up and and focused and then he died.

13. I think over the line, sometimes im retarded, sometimes im funny. Im a Human beeing like you guys, which also makes mistakes but i Try to learn from them as quick as possible that this wont happen again. When i have a question i ask for this (

14. I just wanna Progress Raid sooo bad. I want a guild that dont disbans, that trys to competes better and better with the other guilds on server. Not Rank1 but just try to get better every content!

15. No sorry. But i Like to meet new people.

Ps: My grammar sucks, sorry for that and in application im even more bad. Hope thats all the informations you need.

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Re: Ilirogue application as Rogue Meele DD

Post by kollbjorn » Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:32 pm

Hey Robin!

Thanks for the application, and sorry for our late response! (new raid and stuff you know :p)

Sadly, we have decided to decline your application - good luck in your such for a guild tho!

Best regards koll
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