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1. Name, age, country and Battle tag.
Kevin,22,Sweden. Swiftnex#2850

2. Link to armory (please log out in gear you will raid in).
Boomer - https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... l/swiftnex
Rogue - https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... iftstealth

3. Artifact level?
Balance 58
Guardian 52
Feral 48
Sub 55
Assa 52

4. What are our raiding times, and do they suit you?
Wed 19.45-23.30
Sun 19.45-23.30
Mon 20.45-23.30
Works perfectly for me.

5. What loosystem do we use? (This is meant to see that you have read our rules)

6. What guilds you were in and reasons for leaving? (short description)
ALL CAPS - First hardcore guild that i joined 2 weeks prior to release of HFC on Twisting Nether, not the greatest performance from my part but i learned a huge amount,raiding at that level and learning from others and to use that knowledge to improve myself. The guild ended up disbanding right after their first Mythic Archimonde kill as the GM/RL had decided to stop raiding and no one wanting to replace his position.

Joined Nextlevel 3-4 months before Legion came out and was a raider there untill second week of Emerald Nightmare Mythic where i decided to stop raiding as i did not enjoy Emerald Nightmare at al, when i returned, as i was lacking gear, missing alot of m+ farming and farm raids, i decided to leave and join a more casual guild that would fit me.

Few weeks are leaving NextLevel i joined Felheart right before the release of Nighthold. Raided with them for a month untill few officers and core raiders left due to disagreement with the Guild Master and other officers and they made a new guild Called Delicacy, which about 85% of Felheart's core team transfered too, including me.
Delicacy ended up disbanding aswell.

7. Logs of your past raids
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... l/swiftnex

8. Screenshot of your UI (in a raiding situation)

9. What are the sites you use to keep up to date on your specc/class?
Mostly twitch, following top players (Fragnance/Lorgok/Pylle, few more ), watching them play and see what they are doing differently and what results they put out and Warcraft Logs is amazing aswell but other then that i will be checking out MMO-Champion and occasionally Icy-Veins, otherwise i prefer to theorycraft by myself and try things out so i can really learn my class that i am playing, rather then constantly relying on information for other players in order to perform.

10. Info about alts (if any)
926 rogue
920 Mistweaver Monk

11. How did you hear about our guild, what made you apply?
Through Wowprogress whilst looking for guilds on Tarren Mill that would be suitable for me.

12. Describe the hardest PVE boss you killed (ever) - how long did your guild work on it, what was hard, what was good about the fight etc..
There isn't a specific boss that was extreamly difficult that i have killed but my most memorable kill in WoW has to be Garrosh on 25 Man Heroic back in Siege whilst maining a warlock. I feel like killing Garrosh on top difficulty, so to speak, even tho it was not the most difficult fight in the raid, being the very first end boss that ive killed on top difficulty is a memory i will have for a very long time.

13. Anything else that could convince us that you are a good addition to our raids.
I am a good player with very good qualities. I have a strong and clear mindset when it comes to raiding. I know my goals, at what level i want to play at, my priorities as a player within a guild and also a raider, i know my potentials and and i am very self-critical, i am not feared by criticism from others and i always bring a positive attitude.

14. Your plans for the next 6 months - will you be AFK on vacation or take a break from raiding?
I will raiding fully and i will be working at a restaurant, family business.

15. Do you know anyone in the guild?
No i do not.
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Post by Seccy » Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:17 am

Thanks for taking the time to make an application. The officer team will look over it and get back to you in a few days! :)

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I will have to cancel this application due to no longer being intressted to join. Apologies for wasting your time, good luck !

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