ßur-Havoc DH Application

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ßur-Havoc DH Application

Post by Ringpls » Wed May 31, 2017 4:05 pm

1. Name, age, country and Battle tag.
Name: Alfie
Age: 22
Country: England
Battletag: JoshVo#2734

2. Link to armory (please log out in gear you will raid in
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... r/%C3%9Fur
Trinkets are sometimes swapped out, angerboda>CoF etc.

3. Artifact level?
54, nearly 55.

4. What are our raiding times, and do they suit you?
Wednesday 19.15-23.00
Sunday 19.15-23.00
Monday 19.15-23.00
Yes, they suit me.
I work 4am+ nightshifts so raid times are never an issue.

5. What loot system do we use? (This is meant to see that you have read our rules)
You use RC Loot council to distribute the loot:)

6. What guilds you were in and reasons for leaving? (short description)

My previous guild was Genetics (13/13M, realm rank #5) on Outland - Alliance. (during WoD)
During my time in Genetics, I was an officer in the guild, and put in charge of out of game spreadsheets such as raid attendance marking, keeping up to date profiles on every raider in our current roster.
During the build up to legion whilst we still had our current roster together, I created a spreadsheet detailing the main + 3 alt class and specs, that every raider was required to have. We then built raid compositions around the information I presented to the officer team, and asked a few people to be ready to re-roll, pending any balance changes.
My reason for leaving was not due to the guild, even after the roster issues, it was due to the server.
Being a mainly PvP orientated realm with only 5 odd guilds on the server managing to down 13/13M in WoD, there was not alot of room for me to grow personally, and grow within a raid team environment, as my options were very limited when it came to end game content.
Genetics were a great bunch of guys and girls, but i felt moving to an environment which is more competitive in every aspect, provides that little bit more motivation and excitement when it comes to the competition around me.
Prior to swapping realms and moving to Twisting Nether-Horde, I got offered a spot (still on Outland-Alliance) in a guild called <LENG SQUAD>, who were realm rank 2 at the time, for EN progress when legion hit. I decided to stay and give it a shot, but the commitment of the players inside and outside of the raid wasn't what I came in expecting, which resulted in no shows, constant under performers, and guild arguments over it.

My first(and current) guild on Twisting Nether is <Lycen Fél>, who were 3/10M when I joined them, and are now 9/10M.
They are a great bunch of guys to be around with some hardcore dedicated players amongst the officer team.
One of the reasons that sparked me to look elsewhere was atleast 1 raid a week is being cancelled due to sign ups, but no shows come raid time. Considering the guild raids 3 times a week and 1 of those nights is not spent in NH (they do ToV/EN/NH heroic clears as a raid night), it is not up to the level of progression I am personally aiming for, and looking to be around.
Another reason in which I am looking elsewhere is because apart from myself and the top few in the guild, sufficient amounts of effort outside of the raid is not being put in: for example, a decent portion of the raid are turning up unprepared with the lack of pots, flasks, food(if needed), vantus runes, and knowledge of the encounter - and results are showing inside of the raid, aswell as a major lack of gear farm, AP/trait farming etc.
The general level and caliber of players within the raid has also been steadily decreasing, whilst I personally have been increasing, and looking to increase even further. This creates a giant mismatch between my personal level of want within a guild, and what the guild currently provides.

7. Logs of your past raids
Due to my unhealthy habit of name-changing every other week, my logs are scattered across my old char names. I'll just link them all here:
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... er/ringpls
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... r/%C3%9Fur

Bonus: Here are 3 kill videos of Mythic Elisande, botanist and Krosus from my point of view - it may give you abit more of an insight to how I play and my raid awareness.
Elisande: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaLw02BuDpU
Botanist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RblKv75 ... e=youtu.be
Krosus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iiZedlsUiY

8. Screenshot of your UI (in a raiding situation)
UI outside of combat: http://imgur.com/a/TW6c2
UI with weakauras on: http://imgur.com/a/4dqBW
UI in combat with relevant weakauras showing: http://imgur.com/a/E4KQu

9. What are the sites you use to keep up to date on your specc/class?

Class wise:
The DH discord is full of top ranking DHs (Kib, Wordup, etc, all high ranking players), with alot of discussion over stat prios, gear changes, talent changes, sims, the lot. I also spend countless hours myself at the dummy trying out new gear/talent combos, rotations and things like that, seeing what works, what doesn't, what can be changed.
Encounters wise still the same on discord, aswell as videos/guides, PTR play for ToS (not a very good experience because PTR, but it's an insight).
AP/gear farming wise, I'm the type of player to do every single AP world q, then go farm some more. I take pride in keeping my character as ahead of the competition as possible (at the time of writing this i'm just under 55 traits,), and being able to put out the best performance every single time.
I'm on the game pretty much all day/every day (I work night shifts so i sleep weird hours in the late morning/night).

10. Info about alts (if any)

At level 110 I currently have: Frost dk(ilvll900), Fury Warrior(ilvl890~), Shadow Priest(ilvl890~), Holy pally(ilvl900~), Rogue (ilvl 905~), Enhancement Shaman (ilvl895~).
I can play every one of these classes+specs to the same standard as my main Havoc DH (as i will talk about below). These are the classes I have prepared for split runs aswell, if necessary.

11. How did you hear about our guild, what made you apply?

I was looking on WoWprogress for guilds on either Tarren Mill or Kazzak, and after a read on your wowprogress page, and a nosey around the website, it seemed like a good place to apply.

12. Describe the hardest PVE boss you killed (ever) - how long did your guild work on it, what was hard, what was good about the fight etc..

I think the hardest boss (for me, personally) i have downed was Mythic Mannoroth.
On a personal level, that fight tested everything from CD timing knowledge + usage, optimal talent settup, 100% efficiency to get every last point of damage out, at all points in the fight, and precise movement all at the same time.
On a raid wide level it required very good co-ordination due to Gaze/Wrath managing, baiting + moving as a team for felseeker, aswell as the personal responsibility everyone has when it comes to empowered shadowforce, etc.
Overall it was a very fun fight that pushed each player to use their class to the max.
Our guild spent about 200 wipes on that fight, don't miss it though :lol:

13. Anything else that could convince us that you are a good addition to our raids.

What you can expect from me is a committed raider that turns up on time, prepared, pots/flasks, tactics learnt, and ready to own up to mistakes and get over them, in order to speed up progress.
You can expect a competent raider that is vocal, ready to communicate, remains calm in important situations, prepared to sit there looking through logs for hours on end after the raid to find out what went right/wrong, how can the kill be made more efficient, and my own personal performance can be improved.

My ability to instantly understand and create strategies around mechanics within one single pull is what sets me apart from the 99% of players, whilst being able to instantly execute and improvise on the next pull being an immense asset to the team.
Raiding is a team effort, and with everyone pulling their weight both before, during and after the raid, provides swift, smooth progression that is fun for everyone.
You can also expect a non-robot player with a sense of humour, that provides to an uplifting, pleasant atmosphere to be in.
I believe the time and effort i put into my class to min/max, theorycraft, analyse and find ways to improve myself/the raid/alter talents or rotations, aswell as my ability to play multiple classes/roles, allows me to fit into such an environment as yours. My willingness to sit out on certain bosses to benefit other players/the raid as a whole is also what i believe makes me a good addition to your team.
You won't find me logging on 5minutes late, running out of potions, or skipping 50% of the raids because my mate's girlfriend's daughter's dog wants to play league of legends.

I want to join Aluren because I want to compete at a world class level , in an environment consisting of top players, each individually skilled and as dedicated to the game as I am.
Being part of a top tier team that performs and achieves every single time is the type of environment that I am searching for, have been in before, and can contribute to in order to help the success of the guild.
Competing at a world level is what drives my passion for the game, and being in an environment that matches mine, and having the same mindset as myself, fuels that drive even more.
I believe the performances I put out every raid, the preparation I put in before/during, and after every raid sets me apart from the competition and pushes me to another level, and the ability to be delegated responsibilities is what makes me a worthwhile player to have within the team.

I am also a very flexible and versatile player when it comes to what classes/roles are needed within a raid team.
I believe this makes me a valuable asset to have within the team.
I am comfortable playing a variety of alts that I have listed, if needed: (Dk, Shadow priest, Rogue, Holy paladin, Fury Warrior and Enhancement Shaman).

Wall of text time below:
As I am not sure where else to place it, i'll put it in this section:
As this is your first impression of me as a player and a person, i'd like to demonstrate the knowledge of my class, the time i put into perfecting it, and the same amount of knowledge and time that goes into my alts.
Below i'd like to go over Havoc Demon Hunter talents, when/why I would swap them out, current and future itemization going in ToS, how DH is expected to perform in the future, and general knowledge.

Level 99 talent: Current choice: Felblade. This is basically a mediocre damage ability with an on-demand 33 fury regen (including 2set bonus, 30 without). It's the most default to pick on this line, with Fel Mastery not being very useful since NH came out as using fel rush as a damage cooldown has shown to be a bad move with the release of NH requiring precise positioning. Not only that, you'd have to go full Momentum build to make use of it, which requires weaker talents to be taken on the later talent lines. Blind fury is only good for cheesing Skorpyron and that's about it. Eye beam is a single target DPS loss, even on 2 targets it's a DPS loss, and this talent does not make up for that - makes it abit worse actually due to increasing the channel time.

Level 100 talent: Demon Blades - Demon Blades is flat out the best talent in this tree, single target or multiple. With Prepared playing into the Momentum/felrush spec style of play, which falls off greatly due to the reasons discussed above, there is no situation in which Demon Blades gets swapped out for Prepared, even in high mobility fights, the extra damage from Demon Blades once you reach the target, outweighs the fury>damage ratio granted by Prepared. Demonic Appetite is just trash and unrealistic when expecting to play whack-a-mole with soul fragments mid fight, running around like a chicken trying to pick up soul fragments isn't a thing, therefore would never get picked. only for m+.
Demon blades used to be coded pretty funky actually, up until EN-ish times, how it used to work was each auto attack has a chance to generate a random amount of fury (6-25 odd it used to be), but if you were on GCD whilst the proc went through, that proc got "stored" until the next non-GCD proc, then give you all the stored up fury at once, sometimes resulting in going from 0-100 real quick (literally). Kinda a bad design so they quickly changed it to giving you the fury proc regardless of mid cast/animation/gcd etc.
Demon blades is actually down on PTR for a change, where they're looking to give it a 100% chance to generate fury on auto attack, but generate less fury per proc.
Looks like this will give us lower highs, but higher lows, removing the "where the fuck is my fury" moments, a big killer of our DPS - moving us into a more stable damage role.

Level 102 talent: Ok so this is an interesting choice that has changed the most since DHs release. It's been back and forth between Bloodlet and First Blood. The talent that you pick out of these 2 are highly legendary dependent, with Bloodlet being the choice if you have legendary throw glaive bracers (with no way to swap them out for a more useful legendary. The raw numbers of Bloodlet lack behind first blood a little bit mathematically, but as soon as 2 targets come into the fight that you can maintain the DoT on, Bloodlet starts to win.
With the release of our new artifact traits, First Blood has been made even stronger on single target (trait: increases critical strike damage of blade dance by 20%) - and with the new set bonuses for ToS both majorly centered around blade dance, i can see this being the default choice in the near future (nearly is already).
On pure single target, First Blood is the go to (krosus, starboy etc) if you don't have/have a way to not use legendary throw glaive bracers. It hits harder, has the same CD as a throw glaive charge, and is majorly buffed during metamorphosis, whereas throwglaive/bloodlet is not.
I would swap between First Blood and Bloodlet on fights that required consistent/semi consistent multi targets (even if only a few DoT ticks get off, if there's 3+ targets its worth), e.g Gul'Dan eyes/parasites, Spellblade elementals etc.

Level 104 talent: These are your defensive tree options, with Netherwalk being flat out god in this tier. 5s 100% movespeed increase and immunity, on a 2minute cd. Amazing for avoiding tactics (eg, get bonds on gul'dan, pop it to get yourself out harm free, plus other resources are not wasted getting you out - players hp/mana/cds).
Very rarely used as an "oh shit" button, but it's there if needed. I believe this talent is a benefit to raids alone due to the amount of time/resources saved by using this to get yourself out of a situation alone.
The other talent is Desperate Instincts, it's a little buff to our main defensive CD, Blur, and basically auto hits the button for you if you drop low. It's a neat talent but not worth taking in any situation. Blur can already be used aggressively due to it being on a 1min CD, reducing damage taken by 35% and granting 50% dodge.
Soul Rending is 70% leech during meta. great for question but saynomore.
If you need leech during meta, something is wrong.
I take Netherwalk 100% of the time from this tree, and i don't see this changing unless they heavily nerf the talent.

Level 106 talent: Nemesis is straight up the best single target talent here, which is a big part of the massive numbers we get in our opening meta.
On a 2 minute cooldown, it lines up with Chaos Blades, a later talent, and provides a second round of burst cooldowns before the 2nd use of Metamorphosis.
Fel Eruption is a debatable talent providing a stun on a 35second cooldown, but it's just a glorified Chaos Nova (which is a base ability - also stuns, 1min CD). It could be viable on fights with frequent dangerous adds that are stunnable, eg spellblade/krosus (but just kick/belf racial the casts instead),but realistically, and single target wise, it is nowhere near Nemesis in numbers.
Momentum plays into the fel rush spec of the demon hunter, which as I've stated, is very lackluster compared to nemesis/chaos blades build.
With the current state of DHs, i wouldn't swap Nemesis for any other talent on this tree atm.

Level 108 talent: Master of the Glaive hands down wins this round. This is the talent that grants 2 charges of Throw Glaive, which as shown above, combines very well with Bloodlet talent for the DoT. Even without using Bloodlet, throw glaive is still in your ST rotation if nothing else is up, so having an extra charge is very useful.
Unleashed power is pretty situational, i swap to this talent for botanist to stun the adds when needed (and as an emergency stun if somebody else can't), due to the CD reduction, and the fury cost removal, so i don't need to pre-empt pool fury and lose boss damage etc.
Demon Reborn is just plain bad, resetting the CD on Eye Beam during Metamorphosis is useless as Eye Beam is a DPS loss single target (unless under the effect of bloodlust), so using it in Metamorphosis is an even greater DPS loss due to the small 30s window it lasts. It's the go to talent for eye beam spec in m+ but it's a major no for raids.

Level 110 talent: Woo, the fun tree. Pretty much every talent is this tree is viable, each playing towards a different playstyle.
Chaos Blades is pretty much the default one here though, playing heavily into the burst we have, whilst being on a 2min cd, lining up with Nemesis as stated earlier, giving that frequent 2nd round of burst before metamorphosis number 2.

Chaos Blades provides a scaling % damage increase, which is why mastery is extra strong, due to chaos blades scaling directly from our mastery %, and also grants 150% increased auto attack damage for the 12s duration, which when combined with Demon Blades, this provides insane burst on a relatively short cooldown.
However, going into ToS and beyond, they are removing the mastery scaling on Chaos Blades, which is likely going to result in a stat prio shift where mastery goes down, and haste/crit rise. This will open up more options for Fel Barrage and Demonic to be considered.

Fel barrage after numbers nerfs is now just a trash draught of souls, with charges being generated every 30s by default, with rng procs generating a charge, but it's just a flat dps loss to ST. I can half see it working if burst AoE is the problem, but DHs don't exactly lack that.

Demonic is an interesting talent but it's just not viable at all with eye beam being shit and losing one of your biggest dps cds for a short meta. (for now, in 7.2.)
I could "maybe" see Demonic becoming a thing with a cancelaura macro for Eye Beam just to gain metamorphosis for empowered Blade Dance, due to ToS tier set changes, but that's abit far fetched.


At the moment it's pretty much crit=mastery>haste.
Aiming for roughly 40% crit with 4 set bonus (this gives chaos blades a solid 50% chance to crit, which is a nice strong point to be at), whilst being at 10% ish haste, with mastery being around the same 40% as your crit.
There's not alot to say about stats really, you want the 40% (artificially 50%) crit to sustain through fury refund from chaos strikes otherwise you're sat there generating zero fury and getting none back from chaos strike, goodbye dps.
With the new artifact traits increasing blade dance's crit damage, and the new ToS set bonuses increases it's crit chance flat out, i believe crit is going to become even more important that it already is.
Mastery directly increases our chaos damage so our main spender (Chaos Strike) hits like a god, and the talent Chaos Blades scales off our mastery %, so even more burst. I believe mastery will fall off a little as ToS is released and our main damage is going to be coming from Blade Dance (deals physical damage - not chaos damage like our current spender does, aswell as mastery scaling being removed from chaos blades), with haste having a little bit more importance, but we'll see.
Items wise you're looking for 2/4 set obviously, which gives you the artificial 50% crit chance on chaos strike.
The 10% fury regen from 2 set works on everything, ranging from demon blades proc, to felblade instant fury gen, to chaos strike refund - it all adds up to alot of extra fury gained.
The tier pieces with versatility on them are generally to be avoided (shoulders mainly), but in an ideal world it all depends on what else you have to use (arc/cos hand+feet combo etc).
Trinkets are probably the most variable choice here, but Foci/Angerboda is the strongest combo at the moment, providing you have a high ilvl angerboda to use.
This is due to the procs from both of them stacking on themselves and each other, providing sometimes immense raw stats during fights.
Using CoF if you have the legendary shoulders is also a good idea if no angerboda can be used (foci is pretty much the trinket that stays in all situations), reducing the CD of meta to roughly 2mins, lining up with nemesis and chaos blades.
An additional nifty little trick: Gnawed Thumb Ring's 5% magical damage increase actually works wonders for us (it's not BiS by far but a high ilvl one is rather good), the 5% magic damage increase bonus applies to our Chaos Strike, due to it being Chaos damage(classed as magical), so that's an extra raw 5% damage on our main spender, love it.


Ring and belt are the current best 2 for ST, with the ring providing even more fury gen, it nullifies the downtime of no fury (which is basically the ONLY killer of our dps), and the belt playing into our opening burst pattern.
The legendary ring is the one that stays in all situations, and doesn't get swapped out for any other legendary.
Throw glaive bracers are a solid choice on adds/cleave fights as stated before, and can generally be replaced by the belt.
As stated above, meta shoulders are a solid choice, but only when combined with CoF, and without replacing the legendary ring. This would be used on fights with semi-frequent adds that need to be burst down, allowing meta to be used roughly every 2 minutes to aid that.
The other legendaries are just cheese and not worth in any serious situation - with prydaz being a somewhat safety net, but only if absolutely needed.

I believe DH excels at consistent, high damage output that a raid can rely on. Alot of our burst is front-loaded, and therefore CD dependent, but great at cleave (due to bloodlet/other talents).
Strength wise, as stated above, where burst needs to be done (starboy add, guldan parasites, spellblade arcane adds etc), a DH who saves certain CDs can ensure maximum output when needed. This is especially amplified on cleave fights, where talent/legendary tweaks (bracers and bloodlet) can be taken, for a solid 1.3m+ steady dps.
Another strength we have is our pure mobility, and the benefit that brings to a raid, eg krosus soaking at the back, trilliax cakes that are far away. This frees up the rest of the raid to play more efficiently, without the DH losing too much uptime elsewhere. This also goes for our raid utility, with our ability to stun/kick (i know most classes can do that, but being able to be in 3 places at once is kinda handy), always useful. Another raid wide CD we have is our Darkness - a little RNG but a 20% chance to basically ignore boss damage is a very nice backup raid wide CD to have (eg, Black Harvest on GD/Fel lash's on spellblade, slam on krosus etc)
One of our weaknesses at stated above is the current RNG of the class, sometimes I can hit 4M in opener, sometimes I can barely break 2M, playing into the "high-highs" and "low-lows" the class currently has.
While it is sometimes out of our hands, there are smart ways/talent choices around it, plus the PTR changes are partially removing the sporadic nature of fury gains.
Moving into ToS with the new set bonuses all centered around Blade Dance, and even giving you fury on cast, it looks as if we're moving down the pack a little bit to a more stable position, but there to stay, as opposed to either top or near the bottom.

14. Your plans for the next 6 months - will you be AFK on vacation or take a break from raiding?
No plans. Been playing the game since vanilla release without a break, and will continue to do so.

15. Do you know anyone in the guild?
No, i do not. :D

Thanks for taking the time to read through the wall of text. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. My battletag is: JoshVo#2734

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Re: ßur-Havoc DH Application

Post by kollbjorn » Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:08 pm

Hey Hey Alfie!

Thanks for the application. We need a bit of time to look over it - especially since we also have 2 raiding DH's that are very active atm :)

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Re: ßur-Havoc DH Application

Post by Ringpls » Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:41 pm

Hey there!
Thanks for the update, that's no problem at all. 😀

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Re: ßur-Havoc DH Application

Post by kollbjorn » Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:07 pm

Hey again Alfie!

We have decided to decline your application. Thank you for considering us, and good luck in finding a guild! :)

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Re: ßur-Havoc DH Application

Post by Ringpls » Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:32 pm

No problem, thankyou for a fast response :)
May i ask as to the reason why? So I can look at it and improve/change etc, for future reference

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Re: ßur-Havoc DH Application

Post by kollbjorn » Fri Jun 02, 2017 6:28 pm

We already have 2 demonhunters that we are happy with, and by that dont see the reason to bring in a 3rd demonhunter for the raid team. It would mean we would have to rotate between the 3 of you (which doesnt really make sense seeing how active our current DH's are, and especially one of them being very committed which "sort of" ensures his spot for all progress).

As a side note you also lack the legendary ring.This is not your fault by any means, but blizzard's stupid legendary system that penalize you - and makes some of your logs "worse" than they acctually are. We have not went thoroughly through your logs, but scimmed through some of the fights.

As for the application "as a whole" I thought it was good. You showed a lot of insight and the sort of mentality that I think make a good player. (I also agree with you regarding mannoroth, which would have been "my pick" as well ;) )

Another positive thing was your youtube clips, I didnt see all on any of them, but watched some of it on each (pluss for moving out killing that orb last phase on your bota kill as melee).

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Re: ßur-Havoc DH Application

Post by Ringpls » Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:32 pm

Thanks for the response - i highly appreciate the time you took to go into detail for me.
As you said, the stupid legendary system - I have every havoc legendary apart from the ring.
Thanks for taking the time to highlight the positives in my app aswell.
Wish you best of luck
Alfie =)

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