Mistweaver Monk

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Mistweaver Monk

Post by Hulin » Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:35 am

1) My name is Samuel, i'm 20 and a french american living in France. Hulin#21992

2) http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/t ... lin/simple.

3) My artifact level is 54 on mistweaver.

4) Your raiding times are Wed/sun/mon 19:15-23:00, which suit me perfectly.

5) The loot-system is a loot council, with raiders before trials.

6) This expansion I was in Hakunna Mattata as an officier, we had to make the hard call to disband because of our raid leader having to quit. I then joined Hex pistols. I had to take a break from raiding due to my father needing help after a medical incident. I am currently still on a break although my schedule is back to normal. I am currently looking for a new guild because I dont feel at home or that comfortable in that guild.

7) https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/c ... metric=hps

8) http://imgur.com/a/W3HZR

9) I use mmo champion discord and wowhead to stay ahead of the curve.

10) I have a ele/ resto shaman around 898 item level, just lacking high artifact traits.

11) I heard about the guild from Grimmtotem, a friend from hakunna mattata. He had told me 2 weeks ago you were looking for healers, but at the time I was still occupied and couldn't commit to raiding.

12) The hardest PVE boss I have killed would have to be Mannoroth. The fight was as much a test of skill timing execution and bonds of friendship. The boss really tested our guild on tactics and patience. We were on the plus side of 200 wipes, but we stayed focus and pulled through. It was also the first time the guild had pushed that much mythic. Archimonde was pretty easy after that even though it was still a good fight.

13) I would say that performance wise I don't drop off after wiping for hours, I play for as long as needed to the max of my capability. I am of a good temperament and patient. I know when it's time to have fun and when it's time to focus.

14) My plans are to enjoy raiding every week 3 times a week.

15) As stated ealier I know Grimmtotem in this guild.

I thank you for your time in considering this application

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Re: Mistweaver Monk

Post by Immanis » Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:04 pm

Salut Sam! Thanks for your application :-)

Haven't seen a Mistweaver in a while, having mained one myself until recently (start of NH), I'm quite happy to see that the class isn't entirely abandoned yet :D

As per usual, I'll look at some logs while leaving the discussion open for our healing team & officers.

Let's look at it on a fight per fight basis, always looking at the logs you performed best on and analyse some key metrics:

  • Decent overall cast prio/CD usage; you seem to always use Chi Burst on a higher prio than Mana Tea, probably costing you 1 Mana Tea use on the fight (if you check your Chi Burst and Mana tea casts, you'll notice you always use Chi Burst on the first damage spike instead of mana tea. If you did it the other way around, you could've probably gotten the 4/4 possible mana tea casts, while maintaining your 8/10 possible Chi Burst casts.)
  • You missed about 5 ReM casts by delaying it unnecessarily (this is nothing major though, you hit most of them on CD)
  • You missed 1 cake use.
  • Good amount of TfT casts (you missed two casts, one being during damage downtime when he is in his vulnerable phase. You could use it on ReM there even if it overheals for a part of the duration.) However, you seem to be using TfT on ReM exclusively, while dropping to 0% mana at 3:30. Why don't you use it on Vivify? As long as your are below mana cap, TfT Vivify has higher value than TfT ReM (from a spellpower/TfT charge point of view).
  • You missed 27 UT procs out of 36, this needs some work.
  • You seem to sometimes cancel EF channels early. Do you plan your movement positioning with boss timers in mind to avoid having to move?
Chronomatic Anomaly:

Interesting choice of talents, Focused thunder & JSS, what's your reasoning behind those choices?

Your playstyle is a bit all over the place here, 6 EF casts (most being during the initial PO) over the entire duration of the fight, 33 Vivify casts, 8 of them being w/o UT (while also missing out on 27 out of 52 UT procs), not chasing EF hots when they are out, TfT exclusively on ReM. (more TfT Viv would give you the mana to EF more.)
  • Great ReM usage, you only missed out on 1 possible cast.
  • Missed out on some TfT/Chi Burst casts, can be optimized, but it's not super major.
  • You have a lot of downtime on JSS. Even when used optimally with no downtime, it's still worse than Chi-ji.
On other CA logs you seem to be using the legendary belt, but you never abuse it for an increased Revival? By cocooning yourself and precasting an EnvM before a big hit (or just double EnvM if you prefer to keep Cocoon), you can cover the raid with the +30% of Ovyd's (even +40% in your case since you play with Mistwrap) for en empowered revival.

I can already see the discussion about "wasting mana" on 2 fully overhealing EnvM to get the buff out, so let's do the math on it:
Let's look at your first revival. It hit for 10.75M. Let's add 30% to that to include Blessing of Yu'lon, look at the bonus from Ovyd's buff, while also taking into account the additional ~15% overheal from a stronger revival and dividing it by Cocoon+EnvM's mana cost , for a total of =53.5173160173 HPM which is about 26% more mana efficient than EF (while also being more HPET).


Overall decent playstyle. Since you are playing without a paladin, what are your thoughts on Mistwrap vs Lifecycles?
  • You missed: 1 Mana Tea, 3 TfT, 2 Chi Bursts, 7 ReMs.
  • Only 2 Vivify's outside of UT/TfT, good!
  • Your 3rd cake use only hit the tank?
  • TfT only used on ReM (do you have TfT macro'd to ReM?).
  • You miss out on a lot of extra mastery healing by not chasing EF hots.
  • You missed 16 out of 39 UT procs.
  • Good Revival and Chi-ji uses.
Now let's get to the most painful point:
Currently Mistweavers are below average from a healing perspective, what do you as a player bring to the table to make up for MW monk's shortcomings? How do you feel about sitting out/being benched depending on encounter/healing team composition? Where do you see MW monks strenghts/weaknesses?


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Re: Mistweaver Monk

Post by Hulin » Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:54 pm

First of all thanks for the quick reply :)

Now to buisness :


I honestly think that I didntt use chiburst that well in that log, could definitely time it better. Also on my highest ranking we 19 manned it, leading the oom factor. I tend to prior EF channeling over UT vivfy if tons of people are taking dmg. However it could probably be better to use the procs before going into EF spam. The canceling if it's during a mana tea might be to get one last channel with reduced mana cost. Otherwise it's a mistake on my part.

Chronomatic Anomaly

The build is complety wtf because I had just gotten the shoulders and was trying to make it work.... I had never thought about abusing the belt for rivial purposes. I am going to have to try that out. For the Ef vs UT vivfy I have to refer to the ealier of tend to go into EF if 6+ targers are injured.


Seeing as the only major question is the talent choice, let's get to it. In the guild we had the resto druid going full tank healing pretty much, so in my opinion I wouldn't be going through the cycle enough to merit the choice, where as the times I do cast EvM on the tank, the 1 extra second and % extra heal would be worth it.

Why a mistweaver ?

Let me share my reasons why :

First off revival is still the single most powerful heal in the game, being instant cast it can be a raid saver.

Secondly considered as a melee for almost every mechanic in raids, we have a great flexibility in term of positioning. Also mistweavers are capable of great damage in healing downtime while also ending up being mana positive.

Last of there flexibility also extends to healing, we can compete with holy paladins for single target, resto shamans and druids for aoe. With just a talent change / gear change. I also think that the mana management is above par, but when mastered so is the reward of doing it correctly.

Cordially Samuel

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Re: Mistweaver Monk

Post by Immanis » Wed Mar 22, 2017 5:47 pm

I'll probably write/edit in a full answer after tonight's raid, just a few questions that maybe have gone under in my initial wall of text :D :

-What are your thoughts on TfT? (aka why do you always use it on ReM? Do you consider the other options actively?)
-UT Viv and UT Viv on EF HoT (and even more so LC UT Viv on EF HoT) are higher HPM/HPET than EF as soon as you have 4set. Even during Mana Tea, UT Viv should take prio over another EF cast (the exception being if you are in the last GCD of your Mana Tea, there it's worth casting EF).
-Do you track/take into consideration EF HoT for your Viv usage?
-What are your general thoughts on Lifecycles and Mistwrap? Any numbers/theorycrafting behind it? Do you just go with what "feels" better?

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