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Welcome to our forums!

Below you will find a set of rules and guidelines to consider when creating an account and posting. Please take the time to go through and read through all of them before posting.

1. Usernames and your account
When creating an account, please refrain from the following:
  • Similarities to trademarked or copyrighted characters/material.
  • Incorporation of offensive language.
  • Incorporation of taboo topics such as drugs, criminality, etc.
  • Personal attacks.
  • Intentional Impersonation.
  • No racism in forum name or profile picture.
2. General Forum Rules
Things to do:
  • Be nice and supportive.
  • Positively contribute to discussions (constructive posting).
  • Have fun!
  • Make friends!
  • Make suggestions
  • Always assume good faith and trust one another within reason! A trusting forum is a happy forum.
  • Respect the private lives of others. What anyone does offline is their business.
Things to not do:
  • Use of offensive language and material. You know what flies and what doesn’t. Offensive language does not positively contribute to any discussion. Just because the filter exists, does not mean posting inappropriate language is acceptable. Abuse of this may result in a vacation from the forums.
  • Expression of prejudice and hatred. Everyone should be treated as an equal and be accepted.
  • Feed trolls. Sometimes it’s hard, but just remember what everyone ever said, “DON’T FEED THE TROLL.”
  • Believe Talent is 13 or believe any of his lies.
  • Actively attempt to irritate or incite anger in other users!
  • Post any texts, links or create threads that slanders or bad mouths anyone.
  • Encourage or lead other users to violate the rules.
  • Continue any posting behavior an officer has asked a user to cease.
3. Posting Guidelines
  • Before starting a new thread, search to make sure the topic you want to discuss doesn't already exist.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Don’t spam.
  • Don't be a necromancer. Try not reviving threads unless absolutely necessary!
  • Don’t open old wounds. Some things are best left in the past!
  • If it seems like a bad thing to post then DON’T POST IT!
If you see someone in violation of the above code of conduct, don't hesitate to contact an officer.

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