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<Aluren> Guild Rules

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Trial members will be under trial for the period of 2 weeks with the option to extend it to 3 weeks in case it is needed.
During that time the Trials are expected to arrive to all 3 raids a week, with exceptions in case of situations that will be discussed individually when such a thing happens (any sort of unavoidable RL thing).

Trial members will not be considered for loot unless it is not an upgrade for any of the raiders.

A trial can fail on performance as well as on social aspects (Bad behavior).
For the latter, if the situation is repeating and creating a bad atmosphere in the guild, The trial will be informed and removed from the guild. If the trial were to fail to bad performance he will demoted to a social status.
Raiders are expected to inform us of any situation where they won't be coming to a raid.

A 2 weeks disappearance (without informing the officers) will "reward" the player with a demote to social status with the option for him to Apply again as a trial.

If a raider is going to miss a month of raids but tells the officers in advance he will be replaced for the month and be given a trial spot at his return without the need for him to apply.

In case of a player under-performing in a raid night to a point where he needs to be benched. The raider will be informed before hand to "shape up" as a step before benching.
He will be told on voice chat by the officer in charge and in case of him stepping out he is expected to do that without arguments at raid time.

Arguments due to benching will be done AFTER the raids and not during raids.

Tactics for bosses will be predetermined before the raid night with the setup seen by the signs as a factor.

Whispers to the officers/Raid leader should not be sent during raids. Trust the officer team to be able to see what's going on, We would not reply to most whispers unless they are of a very important nature (I.E "My father got in to the hospital I have to go soon please don't tell the other raiders why")

Seccy - Guild Master (alt: Stdk)

These roles are subject to change and evolve as we go on and understand what we want from our officer team and what we expect of ourselves.

Officer meetings will happen every Monday before the raid time. (Specific time to be determined before the next meeting)

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