fire/frost mage kwstena

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fire/frost mage kwstena

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Marios, 21 years old , Cyprus, Bnet 2110
2. ... ena/simple
3. Artifact level? 54 lvl
4. They suit me perfectly.
5. Rc loot counsil
6. I ve been in Fable, 3/10 m, the reason i wanna leave is because the guild is about to disband and to be honest, the guild pretty much lacked good players and struggled on bosses we shouldnt
7. ... 740/latest
8.Discord/Icy vains, and ofc top mage streamers. alts atm.
10. Well my friends are there and i feel i can do so much better in a good guild unlike my last one.
11. I am always giving my 100% and try to always minimax on damage while executing tactics correctly. Also i learn from my mistakes and am always trying to correct them .
12.I have a lot of free time and am planning to play wow untill the end ot the expansion.
13. Yes i know Darkology , Scrubaholic, Deathreaper,psychoreaper and skizm

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Re: fire/frost mage kwstena

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Whisper an officer in game for a guild invite.

You have been accepted as a trial!

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