A new dawn.

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Who we are

Aluren is a mythic progress guild on Tarren Mill, Horde. We are a group of dedicated players that have played together the last couple years coming from a progression-oriented background, that raid on a relaxed schedule.

We split from our previous guilds due to different opinions on how we should approach raiding - with us having a more progression-oriented view.

We are raiders that are used to clearing HC content first week and starting mythic progress as soon as it's available.

Most of our members are long time players having experience dating back to vanilla.

What we offer

Progress in current content, and a place to call home.
Players that know how to play their class, and are actively on the hunt for doing it better.
An active playerbase where doing high end m+ is not a problem, nor is forming boost-runs.
Friendly players that say hi to you when you enter discord and log on wow, people that want to play with you. 
Players that LOVE to dig into logs, and can spend hours upon hours of either helping you or discussing what the perfect way to handle certain aspects are!